Conrad Cordeiro, a New York City-based IT professional, is known for coining the 15-minute response-time support agreement with all his customers, whereby support requests are always fixed or responded to within 15 minutes. Conrad has also serviced 1,000s of organizations across the globe over the last 15 years. Organizations that include banks, hedge funds, private-equity firms, architectural offices, construction businesses, consulting corporations, design and marketing agencies, and many others. All verifiable by references upon request.

Conrad focuses his services on four main technology branches: Information Security, Infrastructure Management, Help Desk & Support and Blockchain. Conrad consolidates all these services into a single offering for companies that retain him. Given his limited availability, Conrad hand picks the customers that he works with and creates a long-lasting relationship with each one. Conrad's typical customer has been with him for 10 or more years.

Conrad delivers his Information Security services implementing the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability triad, wherein data must remain confidential to certain parties, data must be accessible and corruption-free at all times, and available to those with permissions. Each application, each set of data, will attain the triad in different manners and this is where Conrad focuses all his time, by creating custom solutions for each one. The integrity portion of the triad is attained by implementing redundancies that vary by the required uptime of the task, and data backups to guarantee data restores in the event of disasters. The availability portion is implemented by determining which team members (or departments) are authorized access to which portions of the data and then creating the rules to restrict data access.

Conrad's Infrastructure Management focuses on choosing and implementing the best possible hardware for each task--without purchasing overkill hardware that would otherwise be more expensive than what was required. In other words, Conrad invests time learning the precise requirements for each task, for each application, for each office space and tailoring specific solutions for each task. Conrad's team includes experienced cabling vendors, who assist him in designing the office spaces, IT cabinets, and data centers. Ethernet cabling and fiber optics are applied as needed. One project at a time.

Once a company is fully operational, with their data protected by Conrad's Information Security policies, made available to the team by the tailored infrastructure, Conrad then supports his clients' teams on an ongoing basis, by delivering his Help Desk & Support package. Conrad offers a 15-minute SLA during business hours for Help Desk-related tasks.

Blockchain is the next service that Conrad delivers to his customers. These services include integrating ERP applications, websites and other software to blockchains, to allow payment processing, smart contracts and non-fungible tokens issuance.

Conrad is only 33 years old.

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Mobile: 212-729-7122

USA Hotline (24x7x365): +1-888-879-1733

UK Hotline (24x7x365): +44-20-8138-0159

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